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Created 8-Jun-17
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In November 2017 I performed a version of (weapon) Exchange in Orlando, Florida, as part of the Art in Odd Places event. Here, I've included the small description I created for the OiOP Orlando web site, another explanation intended for print, images from the performance, and a few examples of viewers' weapons that I received in Exchange.

Many thanks to the AiOP folks in Orlando, who organized an wonderful, artful weekend long event.

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My description of Exchange for the AiOP Orlando websiteA more detailed description of ExchangeGetting ReadyAiOP Orlando booklet coverKrazy Kat ExchangeTattered Costume, missing parts ExchangedDay Two, Veterans' Day 2017A guy who studied where I teach, at FIT in NYC.The FIT guy's cousin participated, too.A canoe trip with big alligators, turtles, and birdsExchange, day threeMany people did not want guns, even art-guns, in Exchange.He made me laugh.

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